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The Haredi Center
for Secure Living

Mivtach Association assists those dealing with complex trauma through psychological support
and professional guidance, enabling them to return to secure and healthy lives.


My name is Pinchas Weiss, a certified MSW expert in complex trauma, CEO and founder of Mivtach Association. Our goal is to provide psychological assistance, support, and professional response to candidates dealing with complex trauma and their families, through a therapeutic process that enables them to return to safe and healthy lives, God willing.

In recent years, I have had the privilege of accompanying hundreds of families of children and adolescents in counselling and advisory processes and working closely with the welfare and law enforcement authorities, with the blessing and support of Israel’s great leaders, may they live long and healthy lives.

Statistics show that one of the main ways to achieve optimal and safe parenting is by increasing parental dialogue, with the clear purpose of strengthening the relationship with their children and thus reducing situations that may result in harm.

In conclusion, the core of our work begins with us, the adults (parents, teachers), because when we have sufficient knowledge and clarity, we can pass it on to the next generation in various ways and with a clear goal: to minimize situations that may result in harm as much as possible.

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Our Association's Activities

Couples and individual therapy
for complex trauma

Therapy for adolescents and
adults with abusive behaviour

Initial support for
victims and their families

consultancy, workshops, and lectures
on parenting and health protection

The treatment centre

The treatment center ‘Mivtach’ includes among its staff the best professionals in providing treatment and psychological assistance to those coping with complex trauma and their families. We believe that proper and professional treatment will help every individual in the long term and enable them to return to quality and safe life.
The treatment and assistance processes at ‘Mivtach’ are carried out professionally, discreetly, and individually tailored by experienced professionals from the forefront of the ultra-Orthodox community and those with specialized training in the field of complex trauma treatment. The professional treatment team meets dozens of people daily who are coping with complex traumas and does their best to help them return to calm and safe lives.
In addition, we conduct special assessments, evaluations, and treatments for adolescents with inappropriate or harmful behavior (psychiatric, psychological, psychodiagnostic treatment, etc.). It is important to note the importance of early treatment in these cases, which can prevent further deterioration in the situation and complex future implications.

We ensure a secure space

to creating a secure future.

You are invited to ask us about workshops and lectures, with all relevant information and tools that will help you keep your life and your children’s lives safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all playing between children is considered harmful. However, when a child does not know the difference between harmful behavior and curiosity, or when there is a lack of awareness and unanswered questions on the subject, the game can become harmful.

It is recommended to review the 6 ironclad rules of safety with children:

No touching each other in private places! (not even as a joke)”
Do not expose your body during play!
No one (whether a child or an adult) should ask you to expose yourself!
Every touch must receive consent! (even a touch from a family member) Confused?! That’s okay! Mom and Dad are always here for you!
If someone asks for something related to private areas, refuse immediately and quickly tell your parents!

Statistically, the rates of victimization are the same (50% boys, 50% girls), meaning that according to studies, boys and girls are equally affected. However, there is a chance that boys are less likely to report such cases compared to girls because victimization is perceived by boys as something that may harm their gender image.

No! There is not always a duty to report, so it is important to consult with professionals. In every local authority in the social services department, there is a social worker in charge of the Youth Law, and you can turn to them for initial clarification. You can also contact assistance centers for advice to determine whether there is an obligation to report in a specific

Here are the main guidelines that require reporting according to the law:

  • When it comes to a family member (the law specifies which) within an educational or learning framework, and when the proximity is based on authority, meaning when the perpetrator is responsible for the child.
  • There are situations in which there is no obligation to report, for example, in a case of abuse by a stranger to a child, so it is always recommended to consult with a professional organization. Here are contact details for two such organizations: “Mivtach” – 02-5770756 “Magen” – 025000497

The percentages of harm in the Haredi community are unknown. Studies that have examined similar populations indicate that the percentages of harm in the Haredi sector are similar to those in the general society and may even be higher since there is a phenomenon of “underreporting” and the exact number cannot be determined.

First of all, the answer is yes, primarily through proper mediation of the situation. In the therapeutic process, the gap between the child’s perception and his or her level of understanding and the adult’s point of view (between what happened and what he or she thinks) is narrowed. Secondly, a protection plan is developed in cooperation with the parents in order to prevent recurring events in the future and provide the child with knowledge that will help him or her identify signs of harm in the future and take the right steps.

Harms within the family are a complex issue both on a personal and legal level, and therefore must be approached in a professional manner and not by any unqualified person.

It is important to know that in certain cases, and according to the decision of the Youth Law Committee in the local authority, it is possible to approach the exemption committee through which those involved in the incident can be directed for treatment without a criminal process.

Their words,
our right!

Knowledge is power!

Daddy, I have a question

Pinchas Weiss

Do you know that embarrassing moment when a child asks a question innocently and you just freeze?

It happened to me too! My daughter came home with a new term and asked a simple question: “Dad, is there something called drugs?”

At first, I panicked! Where did she hear this term and how exactly should I respond to her?

I took a deep breath and answered her question, “Yes, there is something called drugs! Why are you asking?” Because we learned in school that there was a drug named Tuel that killed Eliezer with a spoon … That’s it.

How does it feel to travel with a driver who doesn't stop at red lights

Pinchas Weiss

This is exactly what happened to me abroad! I rode with a reckless driver who considered traffic rules and signals as mere recommendations. When I returned home, I thought to myself, maybe I can “burn” a few red lights too, without anyone noticing…But when the opportunity presented itself, I stopped! There was a police officer with a camera and other measures to deter reckless driving. After a week, when I arrived at the same intersection where I wanted to enter without paying attention to traffic laws, I stopped! Even without a police officer or camera. Why? Simply put, I realized that this is a dangerous step that could endanger me and my surroundings…”

Ski and Parenting School

Pinchas Weiss

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to learn a new skill? I recently went on a short ski vacation in Italy and had a similar experience. At first, I hired a guide to teach me how to ski, but I quickly became disappointed when things didn’t go as planned. On the second day, I tried again and had some success. But it wasn’t until the third day when I decided to give up on the guide and try on my own that I had a breakthrough. I realized that sometimes, we just need to trust ourselves and keep trying until we succeed.

הרשמה לייעוץ

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